• Leena Carr

Color in Real Life

"Today color is an arrangement of pixels that can be adjusted at will." Not a big surprise to most of us, although the rest of Michael J Lewis's observations about color--talking about the wildly wonderful home that Frederick Church built in the Hudson Valley--are radiant.

In the late 19th century, he writes,

"...chemistry was giving painters dozens of intensely vivid synthetic pigments, from cadmium yellow (1846) to mauve (1859). Church was the first American painter to grasp the possibilities of the spectrum of colors now available, and not only on the canvas.He assigned the rooms at Olana specific colors that related to their function, from the deep restful forest green of the living room to the nervous active red of his studio. Against the room’s principal color, he juxtaposed secondary accents, harmonizing them to create a kind of color chord."

To read more, you'll want to check out the full article in the Wall Street Journal

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